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Class Ring Sale

Your Balfour Rep will be in school to assist you with your class ring, class gear and announcement orders.

During Lunch Periods

Student role model

McCutcheon Role Model August 2019


Michaela Beck was recognized as the Balfour Student Role Model of the Month for August. She was nominated by Ms. Wilson for her dedication and hard work as co-President of the Good Decision Maker’s (GDM) Club. Ms. Wilson also commended Michaela for being kind to others and treating them with respect, her positive attitude, honesty and compassion. Congratulations Michaela! She received a Starbucks gift card and will be awarded a plaque. Her story and image will appear on a poster that will hang in the office and on Balfour Indiana Social Media, as an inspiration to other students.


class rings

For over 100 years Balfour has been providing students with quality products they can be proud to wear and share. Everyone is familiar with the iconic high school class ring. Your parents may have one, a lasting reminder of their high school days. As time has passed, the popularity of class rings has waned. However, in recent years there has been an upswing in interest and purchase of high school class rings. Due in part to the ever-expanding variety of desirable ring styles, but also because students seem to once again be looking for ways to show pride in their school, and want a reminder of their high school experience. Many of you will attend college, and feel you should wait to purchase a college ring. Did you know that you can trade in in your gold Balfour high school ring toward the purchase of your college ring? You may not want to part with your high school ring, and will choose to keep it to wear to reunions and as a cherished keepsake.

Balfour also offers other cool jewelry CLICK HERE to check it out.

Click the image above to see the many class ring options Balfour has to offer, and order yours now!

Click the image above to see the many class ring options Balfour has to offer, and order yours now!

Fun class gear


Balfour not only provides beautiful, quality class rings, but also a huge collection of class apparel. Fun T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, hats, socks and even jewelry will identify you as member of your proud class. Your Balfour representative will be in your school and at a few athletic events this year with samples of these must have items. Get ready to Rock Your Year with Balfour Gear!

Balfour also offers a great selection of Senior accessories

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Click above to see all the cool class apparel and order yours today!

Click above to see all the cool class apparel and order yours today!

Graduation announcements


It’s never too soon to start thinking about graduation. It will be here before you know it. Be prepared by getting your graduation announcement order in early. Don’t think you need announcements? Think again. This is a time-honored tradition, that makes a statement to your family and friends. It shares your achievement with loved ones, and allows them the opportunity to offer you congratulations and encouragement as you enter the next chapter of your life. Balfour offers beautiful traditional announcements, the kind that have been sent out for decades. We also have more modern choices that include the option of adding photos. Whichever you choose, the recipients will be happy that you have chosen to include them in this special time in your life.

Click here to order announcements online. 

 For a printable form to order announcements and class gear CLICK HERE

Click the image above to see all the Balfour announcement options and some cool class items!

Click the image above to see all the Balfour announcement options and some cool class items!

balfour senior interns


Balfour  Indiana offers the opportunity for an internship position in selected schools they do business with.  The intern will need a faculty or administrator recommendation, and parental permission. If more than one student is interested and has a recommendation, interviews will be conducted. Qualified candidates must be responsible, in good academic standing, have an interest in marketing or sales and be available to help with social media marketing and occasional sales events. They will be asked to help prepare and post flyers to publicize events and act as a liaison to office staff to coordinate cap and gown measurement collection and check incoming product orders as needed. In return, interns will receive Balfour credit to use toward any Balfour product and a Balfour cap and gown free of charge. Balfour Indiana will provide a letter of recommendation to use for college applications or potential employers. Interns will be recognized with a plaque at the end of the school year. 

Congratulations Maddison Cree, McCutcheon High School's Senior Intern for the year!


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balfour student role models


Balfour will recognize one student from select schools every month as a student role model. Students can be nominated for their ability to inspire their peers in nearly any way. Possibilities include overcoming adversity, community involvement, personal achievement, generosity or academic improvement. Submissions will be reviewed by Balfour staff and a winner will be selected. Those not chosen, will be considered in subsequent months. Winners will be recognized with a plaque and given a gift card to say Way to Go! In addition, their story and photo will be highlighted, with parental permission, on Balfour Indiana social media sites, and The school will be provided with posters to hang at their discretion. Click Here  to download a nomination form.


Balfour Indiana college scholarships

One student at your school will be awarded a college scholarship on behalf of Balfour Indiana. Eligible students must be college bound with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, preferably with an interest in sales or marketing. Click Here  for a downloadable application.