University of Notre Dame

Class Ring History

Records show that a Class or University Badge was originally used as the Official Graduation Insignia worn by students and alumni. This pin was shield shaped, with the interlocking ND centered. The outside rim was sometimes set with pearls, diamonds, or other stone combinations. While it was available afterward, the badge was last considered the Official Graduation Insignia in 1929/1930.

The Notre Dame ring was created in 1931 and remains the same today as it was then. The school seal on one side, surrounded by shamrocks. The other side shows the Dome, shamrocks, with the interlocking ND above the torch of enlightenment. The school name is in the Celtic font, with the cross divider at the bottom.

Rings are worn with the school name and cross facing you until graduation. At that time, the ring is turned “to face the world”.

Personal variations can be made to the ring with regard to ring material, stone color and stone decoration. A graduate can also purchase a matching “Sweetheart” ring, which was a miniature of the man’s ring. In 1972, women came to ND and the current Woman’s Class Ring was designed and introduced. The Sweetheart Ring was then changed to the current marquis shape.

In 1987 a somewhat smaller Man’s Medium and a Woman’s Petite were introduced. The detail remains the same, but is more condensed.

Over the years, ND rings have changed from one piece die struck, to two piece die struck, and to the lost wax casting process used today. Each of these technological advancements allowed for deeper and finer detail. It also created very small variations when comparing a ring created today to one from 1931. With preservation of history in mind, one of the old, pre 1972, rings was brought back to life and converted to modern manufacturing techniques. This is now referred to as “Old Style - pre ’72” and is available only to graduates prior to that period who want to exactly duplicate their original ring.


Eligibility: Rings are available to alumni, and to junior & senior class students with at least 60 credit hours earned. Graduate students must be more than 50% completed with their work to become eligible to wear a Notre Dame ring. All orders will be verified for customer eligibility.  

The great traditions of the University of Notre Dame exist in more than our memories...presenting the Notre Dame Class Ring, unchanged for over 90 years. This ring represents our commitment to excellence in teaching and student success. Be sure to place your order now so that you can participate in this enduring Notre Dame tradition.

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Click image above to order your ring now